THEME: °Let's Celebrate!

All types will be accepted


Accessories for Weddings, Communions and general celebrations ( parties, other celebrations )


A very special day all over Spain is when little girls receive their first holy communion. They dress up in pretty white dresses, don white gloves, wear very special hair-bands with flowers in their hair and carry pretty handkerchiefs. These are all accessories that can be embellished or made entirely with lace.


Another very special day is when bigger girls get married. The same holds true as before, but in this case we are talking about bridal laces, lace gloves for brides, handkerchief, garter, nightgown, pretty underclothes or other creative accessories. Letís not forget about the other half of the marriage, men.  A marrying kind of guy needs a lace tie, a special handkerchief for his jacket pocket, and a pretty cushion to present that very special ring on that very special day.


Besides these ideas we are sure you can think of others, for example, jewellery and handbags.


 We are anxious to see your ideas 





General Information

The judging will be based on interpretation, technique, work, and general appearance. The lace pieces will be returned by registered mail. Winners will be published in a future issue of La Encajera. La Encajera reserves the right to publish photos of any piece submitted in any future publication. All participants will receive a gift. There is no entry fee.

Contest Rules

  1. Any type of lace technique is accepted: bobbin lace, needle lace, tatting, etc.
  2. Two artists can present one entry (i.e. one designer and one lace maker) but only one prize will be given per entry.
  3. There is a limit of three entries per person or group.
  4. Entrant must specify: name/s, address, telephone, technique used and details of the work (e.g. thread used, number of bobbins, stitches used, pattern, etc.
  5. Entries must reach the address below before December 15th, 2005.
  6. The pattern and instructions must be written on plain white paper with black ink. (no graph paper or other lines allowed).


1 - 6 issues of La Encajera magazine.

2 - Basket with threads

3- Book of lace Stitches

Send the work with the pattern and instructions to:

La Encajera - Lace Contest

La Senyera, 17
46006 Valencia

Tel: 34 96 333 2697 - Fax: 34 96 334 7701

for additional information:

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